There shΛll be no more death


I feel like it’s the beginning of a new season for me. I’ve stepped up my commitments to the church. I’ve stayed relatively responsible to my obligations to family and work. Generally things look well and are heading in the right direction. Which is why it is really frustrating that I fell to temptation and looked at porn last night. I haven’t figured out how to do [read more]s on tumblr mobile yet, so I am sorry. I know it’s not about striving, it’s not about combating the temptation itself, evil must be defeated by grace, and only Jesus can… But it is also about justice, it is about dignity, about fighting human trafficking, about abuse victims, and I am on the wrong side when I fall.

I want better than this. I really, really want better than this. It made me think of everything, there are so many thoughts going through my head. About how Adam and Eve sinned because they doubted God. How they lost everything when they thought they wanted more, and just not knowing how much good God has for them. The root of sin is, and always was not knowing God and his goodness well enough, then making the mistake of finding our own way..

I literally felt like it is the beginning of a new season. New commitments, new teachings.. My laptop was away being borrowed by a friend. I have not fallen for over a week (yes, that is how addicted I am)

It’s not about guilt, it’s not even about fighting, though fighting is necessary. It’s about finding God. I thirst and long for more.

Hosanna, make everything new, all of creation longs for You.

I literally just caught wind of the news from Hong Kong..
Have not seen anyone blog or offer any opinions on it yet, saw one post about the infuriating situation in Ferguson. But I would like to hear tumblr’s thoughts on it more.

I remember a time in my schooling when they taught me that the People’s Republic of China is this horrific human Rights violating Communist machine. A demonized China, presented by The American brainwashing curriculum.
Now, as I’m in my twenties, i see more and more the clear lines between China and America defined by my childhood blurring. To be sure mid-twentieth century China truly was marked by horrific human suffering, and members of my own family are scarred with the experience of their parents dying from the political intrigue of the time. Mao’s policies imprisoned many and killed many more. But now, in 2014, things are looking so different and the lines have blurred much more than many people realize.
I work with Chinese college students every day. I bring them their food. And these are mostly international student Chinese, not Asian American like me. So culturally different from myself and non-Asian Americans. If the Chinese students I serve are representative of the latest crop of Chinese, and where the society is headed, then I can see that new China is more capitalist, more materialistic, more powerful than ever before in the past. Attributes I typically picture Americans having more than Chinese. The new Chinese are definitely very different from the Asian immigrants that came from my parents’ generation.

And now, we are at a point in history where I am reading in the news notable protests involving heavy handed, tear gas using police tactics, protests against current, abusive governments… Happening in both China and the United States.

Idk, just rambling thoughts.

"fried round gluten" "strong america limited"

Baptism at FHL

Yes. Also, I follow a blog called coffeeandtentacles and do not regret it at all.

Yes. Also, I follow a blog called coffeeandtentacles and do not regret it at all.

10 things I’m thankful for this week

1. My parents, and family overall seem happy.
2. My little sister is attending an InterVarsity Christian fellowship at college.
3. The prayer room at FaithHopeLove. And they trained me a bit on how to use it effectively, good prayer and such.
4. I got a new prayer journal, and it smells like new book.
5. My mentors.
6. My roommates have been very patient with my shortcomings.
7. I got to work out this week, for the first time in months, and it felt great!
8. My new phone. It’s insane. It’s shiny, it’s smart, it can Instagram, it can TUMBLR, it can play games. I love it.
9. That I did not do anything stupid at the club last night.
10. I’m very thankful for my job as a waiter at an Asian restaurant. I have not been this in touch with my cultural heritage in ages. I wait tables both in English and Chinese, and that’s pretty cool. It’s a dynamic, challenging, extrovert job, and though it can be very hard, I’m thankful for it.


I’m home safe! good night, tumblr! I love y’alll lots :D

Their names are Nick(DJ), Paul(Asian DJ), Paul(other DJ), Danielle(pretty girl with the sidebuzz)

I might start coming here every / the occasional Wednesday night… The DJs are cool. 4th drink now. I’m okay.

2nd shot… Hello tippsyville :D

The DJs just bought me a shot. LOL….